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Learn by doing:
why experiential education works

Hospitality is a business where book learning only gets you so far. In order to succeed at the highest level, you must learn on the job. Les Roches students develop deep understanding of the hospitality business from the inside out. Our hotel management degree programs combine rigorous academics with immersion in challenging kitchens, dining rooms, cocktail bars, luxury suites, front offices and sales floors – both on campus and through exclusive international internships.


Ever since our founding in 1954, Les Roches has set a standard for excellence as a leading Swiss school of management that attracts motivated students from all over the world. We began by offering innovative bachelor degree programs in hotel management, and today, we also provide quality postgraduate and master degree programs through our international graduate school. Nearly 460 American students have made the journey to our global campuses in Switzerland, Spain, China and Jordan – and now our unique combination of academic rigor and experiential learning is available in Chicago, America’s third largest city.

As a standard bearer for the exceptional Swiss hospitality tradition, we are proud to be the only Swiss hospitality management school to open a campus in the U.S. Join our Chicago students and discover where a Les Roches education will take you. 

Elite international ranking

Les Roches is one of only three Swiss universities to hold accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). NEASC is an independent, voluntary, nonprofit membership organization which holds its members accountable to a globally recognized standard of excellence. Accreditation is synonymous with membership and Les Roches has been an NEASC member since 2005. 

Global access leads
to international careers

The 2013 Global Survey from Taylor Nelson Sofres PLC (TNS) revealed that 56% of industry managers based in luxury hotels prefer graduates who have trained in multiple countries – a particular area of strength for Les Roches, which facilitates course transfer and rotation possibilities from Chicago to its campuses and sister institutions in Switzerland, Spain, China and Jordan.

Another reason Les Roches receives top ranking from hoteliers worldwide is its profoundly diverse student body, which brings together nearly 100 different nationalities to live and learn on its global campuses. Regardless of international rotation, exposure to multicultural experience and a global network is inevitable at Les Roches. 

An alumni network like no other

When you choose Les Roches, you join an extraordinary international club consisting of more than 12,000 engaged members in over 130 countries. Enhancing the value of our active calendar of networking and exchange events all over the world is the fact that more than 65% of our alumni are in management and executive level roles at international hospitality brands.

And, knowing the quality and commitment it takes to get a degree from Les Roches, alumni tend to seek out fellow graduates for exclusive job opportunities in the industry. “In my experience, Les Roches graduates are creative thinkers with can-do, hard work attitudes,” says Jan Willem Verweij, Director of Front Office at the Peninsula Chicago. “And that’s the reason I like to hire Les Roches graduates myself.”


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